Which Tyres?

The choice in tyres can be quite overwhelming so we’ve tried to simplify this to make your life easier! Most premium branded tyres are used when replacing like for like tyres on a brand new or high performance vehicle which command premium prices! However should you be looking for better value, the following brands are good options.




Mid-range tyres

Mid-range tyres


High quality performance tyres made by Brisa Bridgestone

High quality performance tyres made by Brisa Bridgestone

Premium, best-in-range Ultra High Performance tyres

Premium, best-in-range Ultra High Performance tyres

A Budget tyre offering quality and reliability

Manufactured by the Shangdong Hengfeng Rubber Company in China, Hengfeng has a strong reputation globally as a dependable manufacturer of budget level tyres.

All Ovation tyres are stringently tested and labelled to the European Standards for fuel efficiency, wet grip and audible external rolling noise.

Along with technologically advanced design and exceptional performance, the wide range of Ovation tyres are known for their great mileage and consistent quality, providing real value for money where customers are looking for a truly reliable, budget tyre.

An exceptional quality, value performance tyre

This custom-made tyre range has been developed by a team of world-class experts and manufactured utilising more than 20 years of experience and in a state-of- the art facility that produces more than 40 million quality tyres per annum.

The Vitora name is growing in popularity amongst discerning customers throughout the UK and Europe who want the best of both worlds: a technologically sound tyre that meets the most stringent international safety standards, while also still offering an affordable, competitively-priced solution.

Vitora’s broad range encompasses the latest in design innovation and comfort. It includes on-and off-road tyres as well as small commercial vehicles in many sizes and suited to a wide range of conditions and applications.

The Vitora TyreLife Guarantee is an outstanding warranty that backs the true quality of Vitora tyres and sets a new benchmark in the industry.

A premium
mid-range tyre

Manufactured in the Brisa Bridgestone factory in Europe sharing the latest research and development technology with Bridgestone – the largest manufacturer in the world, Lassa tyres are a reliable and trusted premium quality tyre for high end performance vehicles.

These superior quality tyres, approved by independent testing house TUV-SUD, share the outstanding performance of Bridgestone, with excellent wet grip and handling, whilst also achieving high mileage – offering outstanding value for money.

Vredestein Tyres

European brand Vredestein, acquired by Apollo Tyres in 2009, is the latter’s premium marque in Europe. It boasts illustrious heritage, with several key milestones underpinned by cutting-edge design and high-technology for its tyres.

Apollo Vredestein’s premium product portfolio includes passenger car, bicycle and even agricultural application tyres, all developed through continual R&D and many in cooperation with design house Giugiaro, attracting design-conscious, forward-thinking vehicle manufacturers and end-users alike.  With a history spanning over 100 years, Vredestein boasts four R&D centres across the world and six factories globally, including its newest manufacturing plant in Hungary.

Vredestein original equipment on the following vehicles:

May 2019:

Apollo Vredestein supplies Wintrac Extreme S tyres as OE fitment to Mercedes GLE models.

February 2019:

Apollo Vredestein starts supplying Sportrac 5 (summer tyres) and Quatrac 5 (all-season tyres) as OE fitment for the Audi A1.


October 2018:

Vredestein Quatrac 5 chosen as standard fitment for the latest Ford Fiesta in Europe.


September 2018:

Vredestein Quatrac 5 and Ultrac Satin are chosen as OE fitting on the new Volkswagen SUV Touareg in Europe.


June 2018:

Vredestein’s first classic tyre for the modern classic segment, the Sprint +, specially designed for the legendary Audi Ur-Quattro, is launched. Vredestein classic tyres have a retro look but are manufactured according to the latest production methods and strictest quality requirements.


September 2017:

Vredestein Sportrac 5 is OE fitment on the Ford EcoSport.
Vredestein Snowtrac 5 (winter tyre), Sportrac 5 (summer tyre) or Quatrac 5 (all-season tyre) are chosen as OE fitment for the Volkswagen Polo
Vredestein Sportrac 5 and the Quatrac 5 are fitted to the SEAT Ibiza.


Feb 2020

Vredestein’s Sportrac 5 summer tyre, Wintrac Pro and Snowtrac 5 winter tyres OE fitment on the new Golf